April 27 2021

Teys Delivers Sustainable Mealtime Convenience with Launch of Truly Simple
100% Grass-Fed Beef, Fully Cooked, Single Portion

After a year of cooking at home, Truly Simple delivers much-needed convenience and variety to home kitchens. It’s now available at select Tops Friendly Markets locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

CHICAGO, IL (April 26, 2021) — Teys has launched the Truly Simple fully cooked portfolio of grass-fed products, delivering on consumer trends to provide much needed convenience to home cooks without sacrificing good health and taste. True to its name, Truly Simple brings together the greatness of 100% grass-fed, free-range beef products that are fully cooked and single portioned for quick, easy and healthy at-home meals. All products are raised with no antibiotics or added hormones on pastureland in Australia. The result is a perfectly consistent, great-tasting meal, every time.

“We are excited to introduce the Truly Simple fully-cooked products into America’s home kitchens as more households seek convenient and sustainable meal options. We have both bases covered,” said Brent Wolke, Teys USA President. “We’re committed to enriching lives from pasture to plate, and that’s why we are partnering with Tops Friendly Markets.”

The pandemic has reshaped how we all eat at home and how often. With more American households staying home at mealtimes, cooking at home and finding healthy choices to get on the table quickly can make mealtimes a breeze. In recent surveys, 55 percent of consumers say they have been eating more meals at home, and 78 percent say eating together at home is the high point of their day. More than half (51 percent) say they plan to continue cooking at home more often once the pandemic is over.

The Truly Simple cooked range is available initially in four popular flavors in single portion sizes to eliminate food waste. All Truly Simple beef is 100% grass-fed and free-range, serving the growing segment of consumers focused on sustainability and making choices that are good for them, their family, and the environment.

Truly Simple’s fully cooked range initially includes four popular flavors, each seasoned with herbs and spices to complement grass-fed beef’s rich flavor:

Smokehouse Chipotle Beef Brisket: a south-of-the-border fusion with hickory smoke, onion, garlic, and smoky chipotle peppers
Garlic Herb Mediterranean-Style Beef: dressed with plenty of garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, and sherry wine
Beef Barbacoa: inspired by the original, Mexican style of barbecue, with bold spices, peppers, onion, and garlic
Beef Chimichurri: a popular South American sauce of parsley, garlic, onion, and lime

Recipes are available on each package to ensure the home cook is never lost for inspiration for meals to make and serve within minutes. The recipes include: Barbacoa Street Tacos as well as a Brisket Burrito Bowl, Chimichurri Steak Salad, and Garlic Herb Beef Quinoa Bowl. Plenty of other convenient recipes can also be found on the Truly Simple website.

About Truly Simple
The Truly Simple brand is all about the greatness of grass-fed – bringing 100% grass-fed beef to consumers with a focus on providing sustainable, nutritious beef in a variety of convenient, single portion options. All Truly Simple beef is sourced from pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free beef ranches in Australia, where cattle are raised humanely under strict animal welfare standards. Truly Simple is distributed by Teys USA.

For more information, visit: www.trulysimplemeats.com.

About Teys USA
Teys USA is a customer-focused, innovative protein solutions business drawing on more than 70 years of experience in the Australian beef industry. With its vertically integrated enterprise supply chain, Teys bring the greatness of grass-fed beef to North American consumers. With product sourced from Australia and around the world, including New Zealand, Ireland, Central and South America, Teys mission is feeding people and enriching lives. With a strong sustainability focus and commitment to long-term partnerships, Teys USA provides trusted, quality protein solutions across the value chain.

For more information visit www.teysgroup.com/us.

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100% Grass-Fed Beef, Fully Cooked, Single Portion
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