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Our Commitment

Protein solutions that deliver

Working closely with in-store meat departments over many years has given us an appreciation of the daily challenges you are facing. We know that driving store traffic and having products that align with consumer trends is something you tackle everyday.
To meet these challenges, you need a committed and trusted protein solutions provider. So, whether it’s grass-fed beef, lamb, or other protein solutions, you can be assured we will meet your specific needs.

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Your Protein Partner

The assured supply you are looking for

From boxed beef to fully-cooked protein entrees, we are committed to providing a timely supply of fresh or frozen protein solutions. As part of a global organization, we have an integrated supply chain that allows us to provide the scale and expertise to reduce your risk and offer an assured supply of protein that meets your quality and safety standards. Our sourcing capability is supported by six Teys beef processing plants in Australia, along with our global third-party supply network, across seven countries in three continents. Teys USA is well positioned to support the needs of your business.

Protein Solutions

Flexible and customizable protein options


We know that consumer demands can evolve quickly, and that retailers must have the flexibility to change products as needed. Whether you’re looking for an assured supply of a branded boxed beef program that offers specific claims or attributes, or you need retail ready vacuum-sealed specialty cuts, we have you covered. At Teys USA, we offer our customers greater flexibility by working with them to ensure that their offering is relevant and on-trend. Our Value-Added team works closely with industry chefs to produce consistent, curated and customized products for our fresh case-ready, portioned, pre-marinated, sous-vide, and cooked ranges.


Our Protein Options


Boxed Beef Programs and

Value-Added Solutions

A Trusted Box Beef Supplier

Consistent, Quality Grass and Grain-fed Beef

While consumers are always looking for something new, when they find something they love, they demand consistency – especially when it comes to beef. We offer a wide range of commodity or branded grass-fed and grain fed beef, as well as beef that is free from added hormones and antibiotics.

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Value Added-Retail Ready

Convenient ready-to-go options

In today’s fiercely competitive market, the need for retailers to continually innovate to meet consumers’ requests have never been greater. To help our customers stay competitive, we work closely with them to deliver a full range of multi-protein solutions that meet their individual needs.


Consumer Trends

Helping you take advantage of an ever-evolving market

Our business is always evolving to help you stay competitive. We use our market insights and industry experience to actively identify the latest consumer trends. We then work across our entire supply chain, making the most of our strong relationships and capabilities, to provide products that deliver on these trends. For example, we have aligned our product range to meet the demands of increasingly more health-conscious consumers, by offering a full range of grass-fed beef and other multi-protein solutions.

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New Product Development

Innovative, on-trend protein options to keep consumers coming back

Investment in new product development is a key part of our retail strategy. We aim to provide our customers with a diverse range of on-trend, retail ready, value-added products that align with today’s health-conscious consumers. We use consumer insight data to drive our product development process – from ingredient sourcing, to flavor selection, packaging, and branding.

Our Brands

A full range of brand options

At Teys USA, we’re extremely proud to be part of Teys Australia. This enables us to offer a wide range of innovative, on-trend brands. We can also source a variety of brands from trusted third-party suppliers across seven countries in three continents.

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