We make it easy to prep the perfect dish

Existing product line of on-trend flavors

New product development collaboration to develop bespoke products in addition to a robust off the shelf assortment of on-trend value-added products. Our team can work with you to quickly formulate products, cut specifications, and seasoning blends.

Offers a consistent presentation

Fully Cooked – sous-vide process provides tender, perfectly cooked and seasoned beef – every time

Portion controlled – reduces waste and guesswork

Convenience – Creates back-of-house efficiencies, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks

Adaptable flavors and cuts offer multiple menu applications – entrées, special dishes, buffets, apps

Flexible menu and prep methods, giving you hundreds of options to choose from

Allows creativity in the kitchen! Carefully formulated flavor profiles allow the chef to enhance each dish with their own sauce or seasoning

No Preservatives

No Artificial Ingredients; Minimally Processed

Our vertically integrated supply chain offers our customers accessibility to these additional claims:
Grass-fed & Grass Finished, Free Roaming, Antibiotic Free, No Added Hormones, Halal Certified, MSA Graded.

Creative flexibility at your fingertips

Fajita Beef Strips

Raw, marinated, utilizing a blend of Hispanic style spices to create a perfectly marinated easy to cook product

Hibachi Style Flap Steak

Pre-grilled and sous-vide,
utilizing clean label ingredients in trend-forward / chef-inspired flavor profile

English Style Short Ribs

Mouth-watering Beef Short ribs that have been English style cut, tumbled with a Classic Homestyle seasoning and sous-vide to perfection

Sirloin Steak Chateau

Pre-grilled and sous-vide center-cut sirloin, perfectly cooked with a traditional base seasoning for versatility

Uncured Corned Beef Brisket

Sous-vide beef brisket, clean label ingredients. Our Natural brine creates a traditional corned beef product with no added nitrates or nitrites

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