Global Sourcing, Import & Distribution Services

Global Sourcing, Import & Distribution Services

What We Do

Delivering high quality protein solutions

Our parent company is Teys Australia – a fourth generation meat provider with a proven track record of delivering the highest quality meat in the industry for over 75 years. At Teys USA, we not only leverage our global enterprise and Australian roots, but we also tap into our Teys Group of global networks, and third-party suppliers, to offer high quality grass-fed and grain fed protein solutions.

This allows us to provide competitive prices, reliable sourcing, and a vertically integrated supply chain. We’ve gained an enviable reputation in the industry for delivering high-quality red-meat proteins and exceptional service to our customers.

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Our Team

Working to support you

The Teys USA team has decades of experience in the meat industry and a reputation of honest and reliable business practices in the industry. With our customer-centric model, we make it our business to thoroughly understand your business. Whether it’s sourcing, custom pricing, private labeling, spot business, program orders of fresh or frozen, or leveraging our wide network of global suppliers, we work with you on a solution that meets your needs.

Assured Supply

Our relationships with our supply partners

Teys USA has earned a reputation for delivering on our promises to customers especially when it comes to quality, consistent and timely supply. We do this with the assistance of our trusted partners in three continents and seven countries across our global network. These strong relationships with multiple suppliers, combined with our integrated Teys supply chain, gives us the unique ability to source the best multi-protein solutions from around the world, and deliver them in full, on time.

Wide selection of fresh meat solutions
Flexible solutions for wholesale and distribution

Importing & Distribution

At Teys USA, we’re experts at importing products into the USA. In fact, it’s our vast distribution network that allows us to consistently deliver product on time, anywhere in North or South America.

Our robust sourcing capabilities are drawn from our extensive industry experience, as well as intimate knowledge of cultural and market trends. This helps our customers stay ahead of the competition.

We partner with a global network of suppliers to provide an end-to-end range of fresh, frozen, and value-added multi-protein solutions to meet your specific needs.

With Teys USA, you have a partner you can trust when it comes to distribution.

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