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Delivering customized food solutions for your business

For almost two decades, we’ve worked with trusted suppliers around the world to provide safe, quality red meat protein solutions all year round.

Teys USA is part of Teys Australia – a fourth-generation company founded in 1946.

Since then, the business has established a proven track record of delivering a consistent supply of high caliber beef to retailers, food service partners, manufacturers, whole distributors and our international customers. Our integrated supply chain and third-party supply strategy ensures that you can count on us to deliver the consistency and excellence you need.

Our Customer Solutions

Our customers across the Americas rely on our wide range of grass and grain fed beef and other proteins. We provide both boxed beef programs and offer innovative value-added beef options designed to increase convenience and variety for both you and your customers.


Today’s retailers need more than just a protein supplier – you demand a partner who fully understands the challenges of your business, is focused on your priorities and ways to offer the most value for your customers. With consumers always looking for something new, you need a partner that can consistently innovate and deliver fresh, frozen or retail-ready, grass-fed and grain fed beef, as well as other value-added protein options.

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Having a reliable protein partner you can trust is vital in the foodservice industry. With our assured supply of fresh or frozen grass-fed and grain fed beef and other proteins, you can count on us to deliver consistency every time. Our fully-cooked and ready-to-cook options are designed by our team of food experts to achieve greater back-of-house efficiencies and reduce waste for your business. Plus, we offer a wide range of tiered programs and cuts, coupled with our consumer insights and new product development capabilities that can set your business apart from the competition.



Having worked with manufacturers for many years, we’ve gained an intimate understanding of the daily challenges you face. Consistent supply and quality control are vital ingredients for success. With our extensive range of fresh and frozen beef, and multi-protein options available, we can help you reach your business goals.

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Wholesale Distributors

To assist our wholesale and distribution customers meet the constant changes and demands of their industry, we offer a range of fresh and frozen proteins – from grass-fed beef to lamb, as well as other flexible protein solutions to meet your specific needs and those of your foodservice and retail customers. We also have a range of innovative and on-trend brands that provide the flexibility needed to stay relevant to your customers and ahead of your competition.

Wholesale Distributors

International Customers

As part of a well-established global food brand, our protein solutions are recognized and trusted around the world. We partner with a global network of suppliers, across seven countries in three continents, to provide an end-to-end range of fresh, frozen, and value-added multi-protein solutions to our customers across North and South America.

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